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Wetsuit Outlet Blog

Latest: Drysuit Accessories Guide

So you've got the drysuit, what now? Read article


Sailing Kittiwake - Why cruising is great

Because in case you didn't know, it really is.

Kayak Gear Guide

Here's all you need for a good paddle.

Wetsuit Care - An Absolute Must

The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning your Wetsuit

Which kayak paddle should I use?

And you thought choosing a kayak was hard!

One Man's Solo Windsurfing Quest Around Europe

Words from Jono Dunnett

Sailing Kittiwake - Getting internet at sea

Because what's life without 4G?

Which type of SUP board is best for beginners?

The ultimate selection for those learning to SUP

Viva La France - The Tour Heats Up

A personal prediction from our resident surf lover!

Sailing Kittiwake - Winter on a sailboat in the Med

Here's all you need to know about where to anchor this season!

Wearing the right layers for a drysuit

The Ultimate Guide to Layering

The Best Sailing Jackets for Winter 2018/19

Whatever your budget, we'll keep you warm this winter...

Life jackets and buoyancy aids: The difference?

The ultimate spotting the difference guide!

Wetsuit Guide: When to wear booties, gloves and a hood

Hint: When It's Cold!

Why you should get an Inflatable Kayak

And which one you should get!

Getting the right fit for your wetsuit

The Ultimate Video Guide To The Right Fitting Wetsuit

Choosing the right size SUP board

Which Size Is Right For You?

How To Measure Yourself When Buying A Wetsuit

The Ultimate Video Guide To Wetsuit Measurements

How To Put On A Back-Zip Wetsuit

The Ultimate Guide To Putting On A Back-Zip Wetsuit

How To Put On A Zip-Free Wetsuit

The Ultimate Video Guide To Putting On A Zip-Free Wetsuit

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